Open Future NZ "Building your network is enlarging your "useful common"."

Business Networking Guide

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  Everything you need MUST be in your network, somewhere, or you have no access to it at all.  

We have described the process of growing your business network as extending your "useful common".  Effective networking is about doing two things, extending the number of your weak connections, and developing the quality of a few carefully chosen personal connections.

The globalized business world requires that we communicate with and understand people in unlikely places all over the world.  William Dunk tells us that collaboration with other people is the essential key to future business success.

Gerry McGovern repeats the same message; that we have a collaborative future which requires us to learn to trust strangers and to work cooperatively with people we've never met.

From the UK, Ben Botes stresses that importance of innovation to business success.  He believes that the prospects are good because the human spirit is creative and universal.

Finally Harold Reingold and Lisa Kimball wrote "How Online Social Networks Benefit Organizations" in 2000.  It's a remarkable article foreseeing social networks long before they became popular.  We've made a two page summary here, called Networks Benefit Organizations.

Mapping Our Relationships