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Open Future NZ was established by John S Veitch for public benefit and use.  Reach out, build your network.

Open Future NZ is has a restricted membership. You must have a strong New Zealand connection to join. Of course LinkedIn is the largest business network on the Internet with 200+ million members. Open Future NZ is particularly popular with ex-pat Kiwi's, and there are now several subgroups based in overseas locations.

I've tried to set out a wider purpose for the network as it's grown. In January 2013, as we topped 3000 members, I tried again to reframe what we need to focus on, in this file, Open Future NZ - A Direction for 2013. It's a provocative statement. I want it to create debate. What do our members think?

[Rant Opens.] I believe our survival is at stake, and we do .....? Almost nothing so far. We carry on blindly hoping the big bad wolf doesn't really exist. There should be wide public debate, and there is, apart from a few isolated voices, silence. [End of Rant.]

The Network Ambassador for Open Future NZ is John Stephen Veitch, a veteran of 18 years Internet use. This page has links to a great deal of advice about how to use social networks to grow your knowledge and extend your opportunities.

There are about 100,000 New Zealand members of LinkedIn. 35% of them have so few connections that they can't begin to use LinkedIn in any practical way (Less than 30). Half the members have fewer than one hundred connections. Informed LinkedIn users like yourself can help to change that.

Please be active in looking for New Zealanders with low numbers of connections. Be helpful, coach them; link to them, and invite them here. There are more than 100 Open Networkers in Open Future NZ. Most new Open Future NZ members can add at least 10 people to their network in about 5 minutes, and 60 or more in an hour. Link to them all, not just the "big hitters". I assure you it's quite safe.

If a person with only a few connections, adds 20 Open Networkers to their small network, that has approximately this effect. First Degree 20; Second Degree 21,000; Third Degree 2,675,000: That's well worth doing.

There is a distinct lack of networking strength in New Zealand Small towns. Connect New Zealand. If you have friends in a small town, invite them in.

There's a lot of reading in the links below. You can become a much better informed LinkedIn user, by reading these notes. The material offered is essential information most people take many years to learn. Learn the easy way from people who know. You won't be disappointed. There is also a printable guide if your prefer that.

One of the most important books written in the last 10 years is "Bridge at the Edge of the World" by James Gustave Speth. Here is my four page summary of the book in two formats, Word Doc, and Open Office Document. Gus Speth is active in his retirement. There are several videos on YouTube.
Look for the book in the library.

Joining MANY linkedin Groups is highly recommended. Connect New Zealand.
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Open FutureOpen Future Limited is a business services company helping people with personal learning, networking and knowledge management. The Open Future Limited is questioning the way we do business. There is much useful material to read and understand. Explore it quietly.
You might start on this page. Thanks for your interest. John Stephen Veitch