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About Ryze

Ryze is not in the beginning an easy site to use, yet Ryze is the model most of the newer social networks are trying to beat. Ryze has a funny contact rule that fools people. Most networks are very restrictive about who you can contact. In contrast Ryze is very open, there are only two rules for free members. You can contact "friends" and "friends of friends"; and you can contact the people you share a network with. When you join you will only have ONE friend, and perhaps none at all. The friend rule is restrictive on beginners. In contrast the "common networks" rule is very liberating. BUT newbies don't understand it, they don't join any networks or perhaps only one or two, and they cut off what is really a free pass to the use of Ryze.

I do strongly recommend Ryze to you. I've recently (July 2008) opened two new networks on Ryze myself.
Building an Open Future Network, which is a companion to this web site, and Team Downunder, which is a network for Australia and New Zealand.

Social Networks for Business

Use networks to find other entreprenures, to find partners, new employees or even investors. 

Ryze Business Network

The second site mentioned in this video is Ryze.  The strength of Ryze is in it's strong networks.  There are hundreds of interest targeted forums.  (You can stop video after 2.20 min.)
Access directly to Ryze (Video 4 min)

There are thousands of very active free members on Ryze. These people keep a few hundred "Ryze networks" active and interesting. Ryze is maintained by the fees paid by Gold Members. Growth has been slow, because Ryze chooses to grow within existing income. Recently a new headquarters was established in Panama. In spite of massive new competition, the future of Ryze is assured.

I do recommend Ryze and I do recommend becoming a Gold Member, but try a year as a free member first. There is a lot to learn.

Join LOTS of networks, at least 30, open your guestbook, read the posts that interest you, make friends. Everyone can do it, few know how. The best advice in in my Step by Step Blog which is here.

Would you prefer an Invitation?

If you would like us to invite you to join Xing please ask Open Future Limited to send you an invitation. We'll try to oblige withing 24 hours.

Your invitation to join Ryze can be ordered here.