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Tom Norton

President of Canadian Community Colleges

In the 1990's Tom Norton was the President of Canadian Community Colleges.

There is no page on Wikipedia for Tom Norton, and there is nothing of substance in the ACCC web site. Tom spoke on radio in New Zealand. and the notes about that are in my journal, taken I think in late 1993. I record that detail, because 14 years later everything I've written about that interview still resonates with me. Mr Norton appears to be a man of great wisdom.

If you look at the web site of the ACCC, you can see in their present activities that much of the philosophy of Tom Norton is still being followed.

I'll try below to find our more about Tom Norton, by direct inquiry, after I get this site published.

Change the System

For years at conferences and in books I was told the same things.  Train your people and set smart goals.  But nothing done any of the managers whom I looked up to was working.

One day John Seddon told my wife, that everything that we were doing as managers was completely wrong.  I couid see that he was right. 

Why is it that so many change programmes fail?
Because change programmes focus on trying to get people to do things faster and better.
Stuart Corrigan, Managing Director of Vanguard Scotland speak about why change programmes fail.